Monday, 21 March 2011

bhudhism in kerala chapter 20


Monalisa said...


I'm impressed by your blog heading. I want to know its content. I know reading malayalam, but the scan is little small and therefore dull to read. Would you mind uploading scanned image of a little bigger size?

I really would like to read your uploads.

Greetings from Kannur

Monalisa said...

alternately, you could upload your chapter on and embed the file on your blog.

Satheeshchandra Chekavar said...

Politics is for social justice.
Religions are for the goodness of mankind.
All rivers are flowing to sea.
Purpose of all religions are same and so it is one religion.
Great Sreenarayanaguru said 'Hinduism is sufficient for Ezhavas' no use of religious conversion.
Religious conversion cause insecurity to others who stand in that religion.
Once upon a time Bhramins of Kerala had money and power.
Now their condition is pathetic.
Their population in Kerala is below one percent.
Most of them perform rituals in temples and earn their livelyhood.
Many Bhramins do rituals in Ezhava owned temples.
New generation Bhramins are good people.
They respect Ezhavas more than Sudras.
Please do'nt insult them.